About Us.

Talent Solutions Group is committed to improving our clients’ onboarding process to make their business more successful. Since 2000, our team of experienced recruiters have connected employers with top talent, turning business goals into reality. We employ a diverse team of industry experts. We’ll work with you to identify professional requirements and offer learned advice, allowing you to make the most informed decision.

Whether you need high-caliber talent, or you’re a skilled professional looking for a new opportunity, let us leverage our vast network of industry experts and skilled candidates to make your next decision the right one.

As an employer, translating your business requirements into a single job description is a nearly impossible task. We eliminate that headache by taking time to listen to your needs and understand what your next hire must bring to the table to fill those gaps.

As a job-seeker, working with recruiters who don’t understand you and your potential is discouraging. TSG was created by staffing professionals who were fed-up with the agony of finding the next opportunity and wanted to redesign the process to benefit both the candidate and the employer. We eliminate the frustration by getting to know you, not just your resume. We work hard on your behalf, always delivering open and honest communication.

Finding talent and the right opportunity takes an enormous amount of time…time you don’t have. We take time to understand your business requirements and culture, as well as investing time in understanding every job seeker’s skills, career goals and personality, to make smart and successful matches. The TSG team believes that investing our time leads to optimal outcomes for all parties, our 99% client retention rate speaks to that effect.

TSG sets candidates and clients up for success. We develop long-term relationships with both parties, with the goal of finding permanent talent solutions.


Discover more about our services by emailing info@talentsolutionsgroup.net today.